Willy Rizzo - Hollywood c. 1959 (via)

Willy Rizzo - Hollywood c. 1959 (via)

Tuesday Jul 29 @ 06:51pm
Tuesday Jul 22 @ 03:40pm


Vehicles  Wes Anderson films

Thursday Jul 17 @ 05:44pm
Thursday Jul 17 @ 05:14pm


 Leendert Buteijn

Thursday Jul 17 @ 05:11pm

safeshipslips said: 3 months is nothing! I was a monk for over 2 years ha :/

Everyone has their dry spells I’m sure. :P

Thursday Jul 17 @ 05:07pm

Anonymous said: It's just a bit of fun lol!!

Thursday Jul 17 @ 05:03pm

Anonymous said: Do you not like sex questions?

I guess I’m just failing to understand how me answering an anonymous ‘sex question’ would benefit anyone…

Tuesday Jul 15 @ 03:58pm
That’s the problem with putting others first; you’ve taught them you come second. (via angiellehcim) Sunday Jul 13 @ 07:38pm
Sunday Jul 13 @ 07:37pm

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